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I and my wife are a Bali wedding videographer. We have both been filming weddings for over 5 years with over 100+ weddings. We have been extremely blessed and honored to be part of so many beautiful stories. As videographers, we have been able to truly capture passions from our heart and this has allowed us to deliver a creative combination of imagination and visuals.

In the middle of our travels, we accidentally met a lovely girl called Wulan, and she is now a member of our journey. Wulan has heavily contributed to organizing where needed. She is able to communicate and articulate well with our clients and is on hand to assist where needed. Wulan is multitalented, and she is a crucial part of the hard-working team.

This job is more than just our passion, it’s also a part of us which is conveyed from the bottom of our souls. We love to create and capture moments that tell a story whilst also leaving people emotionally engaged and captivated throughout our films. Our experiences in journalism have enabled us to become experts in story telling. We ensure that we capture each passing moment in both a cinematic and natural element.

It would be a monumental pleasure to get to know you and shoot your moment,  your ideas, your facial expressions and capture your romantic relationship that you have. We want to be a part of your special and important day to capture every single beautiful and wonderful moment so you can reflect back on when you are older. The memories that you create will last for a lifetime and we will be glad to help you to turn your dreams into a reality.
Start your journey of love by contacting us through our email at [email protected] or clicking the Contact page of this site.

–          Ruda, Happy, Wulan and we are Balistory Team –

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