Welcome to the island of God. The island of traveler, lover, a dreamer from around the world. Just like us, we came from another part of world years ago and falling in love with Bali life.

We are a passionate group of visual storyteller based in Bali Island, born to shoot beautiful world and inspiring story. We believe that everybody has their own story. And here we are, together we will craft your unforgettable story.


The beginning starts from a hobby, Ruda has changed his life being professional videographer and photographer in 2010.
Coming from a small village in Java, he begins his career moving from one city to another such as Jogjakarta, Malang, Jakarta, Surabaya and finally came to Bali which he always dreamed of.

He has been working for years with many companies either as in-house or freelancer in local and international company and makes him be an expert in this field. However, he feels still missing something. He cannot express himself, his art, feeling, storytelling style, limited to the rules of the company who care only about money. So, he decided to build his own company together with his beloved wife and he was enjoying every work he did. And yes, he can proofs that many people love his work. He also received an international award for his tourism ads film in Poland 2015. So here is Balistory present to you from the best artwork of Ruda’s and his team.

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