Restoring Vision to the Blind

There’s something about Bali—an almost palpable loving energy—that’s had me feeling at home here since first arriving in 2014.  I’ve lived, loved and radically transformed my heart on this magical land. The idea for my book The Heartgasm Revolution came while I was on Bali. And I learned to love myself here.   So I wanted to give back to the island that has given me so much.  A search online for “Bali charity” brought me to a video from the John Fawcett Foundation.   I watched as blind children saw their mothers for the first time post-surgery and elder folks who had gone blind see their grandchildren for the first time.  Witnessing such miraculous beauty pierced my heart deeply, leaving me erupting with tears and overflowing with love—an experience I’ve come to call a HEARTGASM.  And so I aligned with the John Fawcett Foundation and those who purchase of my book The Heartgasm Revolution helped to bring vision to an entire village on Bali 🙂  The mobile eye clinic performed sight restoring vision on 10 blind people, provided 223 glasses including to children at the village elementary school, and provided eye medication to treat 80 people with eye infections. I’m super excited to share this miraculous day with you in this episode 8 of COME ALIVE.  This YouTube show COME ALIVE was inspired by my new book “The Heartgasm Revolution: A Mind Blowing Guide To Self Love”

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